What it Takes to Win

Henri had a problem. Sales of L’Auto, his daily newspaper devoted to sports, were slow. He’d started the paper in 1900 to compete with France’s largest sports paper, Le Vélo. But after almost three years, circulation hovered around 25,000, far lowered than desired. Henri wanted to not only compete with his rival, but dominate them. … Continue reading What it Takes to Win

The Ten Essentials (Part 2)

Last week I introduced the idea of "Ten Essentials" for surviving the business world, a modification of the Ten Essentials list used by the Boy Scouts of America and other outdoor adventure groups. As a quick review, the first five items on the list are: 1. Clearly defined goals and a strategy to meet them. 2. … Continue reading The Ten Essentials (Part 2)

The Ten Essentials (Part 1)

For the past two weeks, while you read about tightrope walkers Jean Francois Blondin and Karl Wallenda, I was backpacking around north central New Mexico with a bunch of Boy Scouts. We were at Philmont Scout Ranch, a high adventure base covering approximately 214 square miles of the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky … Continue reading The Ten Essentials (Part 1)

Flip or Flop?

Richard had two bad feet, a bad back, and a dream of being a star track & field athlete. His chosen sport was the high-jump; but he struggled to clear the minimum distance - five feet- required to make the high school track team. No amount of coaching or practice seemed to help. The proven … Continue reading Flip or Flop?

The Topic Managers Hate to Talk About

This week I'm in Austin meeting with a group of managers about a new training series I've developed for them and their employees. The goal of the series is to introduce some basic sales and service skills to an organization that has historically been very operationally-focused. Eleven frontline managers have agreed to participate in the … Continue reading The Topic Managers Hate to Talk About

The Power of Positive Feedback

This morning my phone rang on the way in to the office. It was my wife. Her first words made my heart sink. “I just got a call from Abby’s Principal.” Instantly I assumed the worst – either my daughter is hurt or in trouble. Parents rarely get good news from the school principal. But … Continue reading The Power of Positive Feedback

The Power of Mission

On July 21st 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human being to walk on the moon. Most of the people reading to this weren’t even born when this happened and don’t understand the significance of the event. They don’t remember the grainy TV pictures or the excitement in the air as people around the world … Continue reading The Power of Mission

The Magic of Experience

In 1966 Walt Disney quietly began buying up swampland in central Florida. Today, millions of people every year travel from all over the world to visit that swampland - and they pay a premium to do it. Ask your kids where they want to go on vacation and odds are Disney World makes the short … Continue reading The Magic of Experience

Redefining Excellence

Excellence is a term that gets thrown around a lot today. I hear people talking about service excellence, sales excellence, leadership excellence and even operational excellence. The problem is that too many of these people have the wrong idea regarding what excellence really is. More often than not, when someone uses the word “excellence,” they’re … Continue reading Redefining Excellence

Once In A Blue Moon

Tonight’s full moon is a Blue Moon – not because it’s blue, but because it’s the second full moon in a given month. Because blue moons only occur once every 2.7 years or so, they are relatively rare. Even rarer are full moons that actually appear to have a bluish tint. This typically occurs when … Continue reading Once In A Blue Moon