Four Conversations You Should Have With Your Boss

It goes without saying that regular communication between you and your manager is one sign of a healthy relationship. Ongoing, meaningful conversations are necessary to maintain your connection and ability to “read” each other. When you and your boss are in sync, work is smoother, more efficient, and more productive. If contact is infrequent or … Continue reading Four Conversations You Should Have With Your Boss

Are You a Former Performer?

Just about every workplace has one; that guy or gal who never delivers, but always has an excuse. It’s never their fault. There’s always some external reason that explains why the project wasn’t completed on time or the sales goal wasn’t met or customer satisfaction is down. Despite their best efforts, someone or something got … Continue reading Are You a Former Performer?

We Will Be Right With You: Five Tips For Managing Customer Wait Times

Nobody likes waiting. But it seems we spend an inordinate amount of our time waiting for other people – people who are paid to serve - to turn their attention to us. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we have good reason to be upset. Their latest data indicates that each of us will spend over three days each year … Continue reading We Will Be Right With You: Five Tips For Managing Customer Wait Times

What’s Wrong with Your Face?

Writing about the Tour de France last week got me thinking about the history of the bicycle. Here are a few of the facts I found interesting: * Bicycles were introduced in Europe during the 19th century. * The modern bicycle design evolved from that of the dandy-horse. * The first pedaled bicycle was developed in 1839 … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Your Face?

To Believe or Not To Believe

As a former advertiser, I love a good commercial. One of the more popular ones currently playing is from Geico. The commercial features Pinocchio as a motivational speaker. If you haven’t managed to see this one, you can catch it on YouTube. I think they got Pinocchio spot on – the look, the voice, everything. … Continue reading To Believe or Not To Believe

The Topic Managers Hate to Talk About

This week I'm in Austin meeting with a group of managers about a new training series I've developed for them and their employees. The goal of the series is to introduce some basic sales and service skills to an organization that has historically been very operationally-focused. Eleven frontline managers have agreed to participate in the … Continue reading The Topic Managers Hate to Talk About

New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

It's only the day after Christmas, but many people are already looking ahead to the new year - and their new year's resolutions. Some of my friends have sworn off making resolutions, preferring instead to identify a personal challenge or two. Personally, I don't see the difference. Regardless of what you call it, the idea … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions for Leaders

Managers vs. Leaders

What's the difference between a manager and a leader? Here are a few ideas. Managers seek to organize and standardize. Leaders seek to grow and innovate. Managers focus on processes. Leaders focus on potential. Managers try to find the right answers. Leaders try to ask the right questions. Managers rely on policies to control the … Continue reading Managers vs. Leaders

The Power of Positive Feedback

This morning my phone rang on the way in to the office. It was my wife. Her first words made my heart sink. “I just got a call from Abby’s Principal.” Instantly I assumed the worst – either my daughter is hurt or in trouble. Parents rarely get good news from the school principal. But … Continue reading The Power of Positive Feedback