How to Keep Your Meetings (And Your Team) Moving Forward

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been writing on the topic of team meetings. This series of articles started with a review of 3 meetings you should stop having. That was followed by 4 meeting types that you should be having. I touched on 3 elements that make for a productive meeting, and then last … Continue reading How to Keep Your Meetings (And Your Team) Moving Forward

The Price of Apathy

Every day, managers struggle with problems caused by employee turnover. Finding and keeping good people is hard. Vacant positions put a strain on the rest of the team as they work to pick up the slack. Of course the problem isn’t solved once a hire is made. Getting a new member of the team up to speed takes … Continue reading The Price of Apathy

A Community of Service

On the eastern edge of Pennsylvania, about 15 minutes from the Delaware River and the state of New Jersey, lies the small town of Roseto. It was founded in the late 1800’s by Italian immigrants who settled to work in the local slate quarries. Roseto would go largely unnoticed until 1961, when a chance meeting … Continue reading A Community of Service

What’s Wrong with Your Face?

Writing about the Tour de France last week got me thinking about the history of the bicycle. Here are a few of the facts I found interesting: * Bicycles were introduced in Europe during the 19th century. * The modern bicycle design evolved from that of the dandy-horse. * The first pedaled bicycle was developed in 1839 … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Your Face?

Pressed to Death

Three hundred and twenty years ago, Giles Corey was accused of being a wizard, or warlock, during the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Among the accusations were that he had been seen serving sacrament at a gathering of witches and his “spectre” had been witnessed harassing supposedly innocent citizens. Corey refused to admit guilt or proclaim … Continue reading Pressed to Death