Now That’s Refreshing!

When Ray Kroc bought McDonald’s, he knew he had stumbled onto something big. The brothers he’d purchased the restaurant from had a great formula, but no designs of expansion. Kroc dreamed of a chain of restaurants, scattered across the country. The burgers, he thought, would draw people in. All he needed was a beverage partner. … Continue reading Now That’s Refreshing!

Don’t Give Up

In 2009, three friends from Karawara, Western Australia started a YouTube Channel. They called it “How Ridiculous.” Derek, Brett, and Scott began posting videos of trick shots using basketballs and footballs; a hobby they developed as a way to avoid schoolwork. Over time, the shots became more and more, well ridiculous. Props got bigger, distances … Continue reading Don’t Give Up

Sticks and Stones

In the mid 1700’s, English physician Alexander Sutherland encountered a number of patients dissatisfied by what they perceived as his inability to treat their illnesses. In some cases, patients repeatedly insisted that Sutherland provide them a potion or salve to ease their suffering, despite his assurances that there was nothing more to be done. In … Continue reading Sticks and Stones

How Should We Respond to Mistakes?

New York based Uncanny Brands produces a unique blend of pop-culture toys, artwork, and small appliances. Their Star Wars line alone is impressive, featuring items such as the Death Star Popcorn Maker, Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Mills, and the Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker. Sports fans can select from NHL and NBA themed merchandise, while KISS … Continue reading How Should We Respond to Mistakes?