The Thing About Walls

For thirty years, a twelve foot high wall of concrete divided the cities of East and West Berlin. Its official name was the “Anti-Fascist Protective Wall,” but to the world it was simply the “Berlin Wall.” It served as both a physical barrier and a visual reminder of the differences in ideology held by the … Continue reading The Thing About Walls

Do Your Meetings Disappoint? Try Adding These 3 Elements

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of bad meetings. I’m tired of listening to a talking head drone on about topics I already know about, have no interest in, or have no influence over. I’m tired of being bored, uninspired, and generally less informed than when the meeting started. In short, I’m tired … Continue reading Do Your Meetings Disappoint? Try Adding These 3 Elements

The Most Important Relationship of Your Career

There’s no shortage of advice for managers out there. Scores of books have been written about managing employees, leading great service, and working with outside entities. It’s easy to find articles, videos, and even live training events focused on these topics. But when it comes to working with your boss, what’s called “managing up,” there’s … Continue reading The Most Important Relationship of Your Career

The Keys to a Winning Team

Last week the Golden State Warriors made history. They set a new NBA record for most games won in a season by finishing 73-9. Their accomplishment, which tops the Chicago Bulls 72 wins during the ’95-’96 season (something many said could never be done), is even more impressive when you consider they didn’t lose back-to-back … Continue reading The Keys to a Winning Team

Circle Up! Lead From the Huddle

Paul looked across the line of scrimmage at the other team. He glanced at the scoreboard and then at the stands; full of friends and family, all anxiously awaiting the next play. Then he scanned the faces of his teammates. Each one stared intently at Paul, eager to receive his instructions. It was 1892 and, … Continue reading Circle Up! Lead From the Huddle


  This week, I'm traveling to Bryan/College Station, TX. I’m joining bankers from the area for their mid-year Sales & Service Rally, a celebration of the individual and team accomplishments attained through the first half of the year. I’m anticipating a festive atmosphere as employees from a variety of roles come together to recognize each … Continue reading Celebrate!

Who Is the Third Man?

  For centuries, drowning sailors pulled from the sea have told stories of a mysterious companion. They speak of another sailor, unknown to them, who appeared beside them in the water. This person stayed at their side, treading water and issuing words of encouragement, until the danger had passed. But rescuers looking to bring these … Continue reading Who Is the Third Man?

The Price of Apathy

Every day, managers struggle with problems caused by employee turnover. Finding and keeping good people is hard. Vacant positions put a strain on the rest of the team as they work to pick up the slack. Of course the problem isn’t solved once a hire is made. Getting a new member of the team up to speed takes … Continue reading The Price of Apathy