Make Sure Cross-Training Sticks

Let’s face it, a lot of cross-training just doesn’t stick. Despite your best efforts to provide an employee with adequate training, they just can’t seem to grasp what they need to do and when. People wind back up in the same class time after time, but forward progress is agonizingly slow. Before we go any … Continue reading Make Sure Cross-Training Sticks

Where to Find Time for Cross-Training

Last week, I shared some of the most common reasons well-intentioned managers aren’t able to make cross-training happen. Toward the end of that article, I suggested that, instead of shutting the business down in order to schedule this one-on-one time, it’s better to take advantage of naturally occurring opportunities to cross-train. Use the bits and … Continue reading Where to Find Time for Cross-Training

Getting Past the Barriers to Cross-Training

Over the years, I’ve worked with a lot of different managers. If there’s an excuse for not getting something done, I’ve probably heard it. And truth be told…I’ve used most of them myself. When it comes to cross-training, here are the most common reasons we just haven’t been able to get it done.  It could … Continue reading Getting Past the Barriers to Cross-Training

Try a Little Exercise at Work

Long ago, elite athletes determined that by augmenting their normal training regimen with activities pulled from other sports, they could improve performance in their own. Focusing on a limited set of movements and skills left them vulnerable to injury when something unexpected came along. By spending a portion of their workouts engaged in other sports, … Continue reading Try a Little Exercise at Work

Four Meetings You Should Be Having Now

Just as there are plenty of meetings that don’t need to take place, there are times when it’s vitally important to bring the team together. Certain things need to be handled in a group setting, not via email or a series of one-on-one conversations. For these, you need to hold a meeting. You may need … Continue reading Four Meetings You Should Be Having Now

Circle Up! Lead From the Huddle

Paul looked across the line of scrimmage at the other team. He glanced at the scoreboard and then at the stands; full of friends and family, all anxiously awaiting the next play. Then he scanned the faces of his teammates. Each one stared intently at Paul, eager to receive his instructions. It was 1892 and, … Continue reading Circle Up! Lead From the Huddle

To Uncover Your Team’s Potential, Dig Deep

Growing up, I was fascinated by far-away places; still am. My parents subscribed to National Geographic magazine and I eagerly looked forward to each issue, knowing that opening the cover would reveal a variety of stories about strange cultures and new discoveries – all accompanied by the most incredible photographs. From my room in Madison, … Continue reading To Uncover Your Team’s Potential, Dig Deep

31 Days of Praise

According to Meriam-Webster Dictionary, to praise is to say or write good things about someone or something or to express approval of someone or something. Sadly, even with so clear a definition on hand, praise remains a mystery to a great many people. Given the opportunity to provide feedback, we’re much more likely to communicate … Continue reading 31 Days of Praise

The Keys to Peak Performance

The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there. -Vince Lombardi If you’ve never been a professional basketball fan, now is a good time to tune in. The Cleveland Cavaliers are locked in a tough battle with the Golden State Warriors for the NBA championship. The first two games went into overtime, a first … Continue reading The Keys to Peak Performance

Runnin’ With the Devil (In the Details)

In just a few weeks rock legends Van Halen kick off their North American tour. This is their first round of shows in several years and features original lead singer David Lee Roth. As you can imagine, fans of the original lineup are exited (even though bassist Michael Anthony has been replaced with Eddie Van … Continue reading Runnin’ With the Devil (In the Details)