Change the Way You Think

As a young professional, I used to listen to motivational guru Zig Ziglar. He was a top salesman turned motivational speaker who published a number of books and other materials regarding the keys to success. During my long work commutes in Nashville, Tennessee, I would often forgo the radio in favor of an audio book … Continue reading Change the Way You Think

For Better Results, Trying Slowing Things Down

A few weeks ago, I started watching a television series called Longmire. Originally produced by A&E and picked up by Netflix last year, the show focuses on the exploits of Walt Longmire, a Wyoming sheriff. The sheriff and his deputies investigate a variety of crimes while navigating racial tensions between the locals and the inhabitants … Continue reading For Better Results, Trying Slowing Things Down

What Makes a Top Performer?

Last week, I had a conversation with a couple of people about identifying their top customers. It’s been my experience that when asked to name their best customers – that is, those who contribute the most to the business – the majority of people get it wrong. A look into actual sales data and performance … Continue reading What Makes a Top Performer?

The Power of Small Moves

  Last week I bought a pair of running shoes. It’s a small thing really. Many of you may shrug it off as insignificant. But for me it’s huge. I’ve never thought of myself as an athlete, much less a runner. I still don’t. My pursuits generally lean in a more leisurely direction. Running was … Continue reading The Power of Small Moves

The Keys to Peak Performance

The man on top of the mountain didn't fall there. -Vince Lombardi If you’ve never been a professional basketball fan, now is a good time to tune in. The Cleveland Cavaliers are locked in a tough battle with the Golden State Warriors for the NBA championship. The first two games went into overtime, a first … Continue reading The Keys to Peak Performance

Runnin’ With the Devil (In the Details)

In just a few weeks rock legends Van Halen kick off their North American tour. This is their first round of shows in several years and features original lead singer David Lee Roth. As you can imagine, fans of the original lineup are exited (even though bassist Michael Anthony has been replaced with Eddie Van … Continue reading Runnin’ With the Devil (In the Details)

The Music of Mastery

My son Alex and I recently started taking guitar lessons. We’ve made attempts at it in the past; but online videos, DVDs, and instruction manuals just didn’t do the trick. We’ve only had two or three lessons to this point and we’re both excited about our progress. Even though we’re just at the beginning of this … Continue reading The Music of Mastery

The Price of Apathy

Every day, managers struggle with problems caused by employee turnover. Finding and keeping good people is hard. Vacant positions put a strain on the rest of the team as they work to pick up the slack. Of course the problem isn’t solved once a hire is made. Getting a new member of the team up to speed takes … Continue reading The Price of Apathy