Selling: It’s a Matter of Trust

The concept of selling has been around a long time. Even before the first coins were minted around 600-700 BC, selling was a common practice. The bartering of goods and services in exchange for other items of value required people to convince each other that any given item was more valuable than something similar offered … Continue reading Selling: It’s a Matter of Trust

It’s a Matter of Trust

Trust is a critical part of any relationship. Knowing you can rely on a partner or teammate allows you to focus on your strengths and responsibilities without worrying that something important will fall through the cracks. In a workplace setting, that's especially important. Breaches of trust will break a team faster than anything else. Trust … Continue reading It’s a Matter of Trust

When Good Leaders Do Bad Things

Addressing conflict is one of the key responsibilities of a leader. It’s not a fun job; in fact it’s often quite messy. Nevertheless, it has to be done in order for a team or organization to operate effectively. Conflict rarely resolves itself. While things may eventually seem to smooth out on the surface, there are … Continue reading When Good Leaders Do Bad Things

Why Leaders Address Conflict Head-On

If there’s one aspect of the job that managers do their best to avoid, its conflict. Ideally, things would always run smoothly in the workplace. Each person would do their job, goals would be aligned, and differences would magically work themselves out. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. In fact, one study found that the … Continue reading Why Leaders Address Conflict Head-On

What Makes a Top Performer?

Last week, I had a conversation with a couple of people about identifying their top customers. It’s been my experience that when asked to name their best customers – that is, those who contribute the most to the business – the majority of people get it wrong. A look into actual sales data and performance … Continue reading What Makes a Top Performer?

What Did You Expect? The Importance of Consistency

This article is a day late. If you’re a regular reader of my weekly ramblings on sales, service, and leadership, you know that I publish every Monday morning. Many of you have come to expect my familiar voice in your email box at a specific day and time. So, some of you took notice when … Continue reading What Did You Expect? The Importance of Consistency

A Prescription for Dealing with Difficult Customers

I’m regularly asked to provide tips for dealing with difficult customers. You know the type – irate, demanding, and practically impossible to please. No matter how good your service is, you are guaranteed to encounter someone who just isn’t happy. Every business has them and employees dread waiting on them. So, how do you handle … Continue reading A Prescription for Dealing with Difficult Customers

To Believe or Not To Believe

As a former advertiser, I love a good commercial. One of the more popular ones currently playing is from Geico. The commercial features Pinocchio as a motivational speaker. If you haven’t managed to see this one, you can catch it on YouTube. I think they got Pinocchio spot on – the look, the voice, everything. … Continue reading To Believe or Not To Believe