Managers vs. Leaders

What's the difference between a manager and a leader? Here are a few ideas. Managers seek to organize and standardize. Leaders seek to grow and innovate. Managers focus on processes. Leaders focus on potential. Managers try to find the right answers. Leaders try to ask the right questions. Managers rely on policies to control the … Continue reading Managers vs. Leaders

D-6 Does Not Work

This afternoon I made a trip to the office vending machine for a little chocolate fix. I tend to go for Snickers, occasionally opting for Twix. If chocolate doesn’t feel right, I’ll go with a PayDay. Well, as you can see from the picture, an earlier visitor had gone looking for their favorite snack and … Continue reading D-6 Does Not Work

The Power of Positive Feedback

This morning my phone rang on the way in to the office. It was my wife. Her first words made my heart sink. “I just got a call from Abby’s Principal.” Instantly I assumed the worst – either my daughter is hurt or in trouble. Parents rarely get good news from the school principal. But … Continue reading The Power of Positive Feedback

A Matter of Ownership

My wife Susan recently shared a sad customer service experience with me. She and my oldest son Andrew were in the middle of a full-days’ worth of appointments. They realized that in order to have anything to eat before dinner, they would have to pick up something and eat on the run. Spying a fast … Continue reading A Matter of Ownership

Passing the Baton

Coming into the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, the American 4X100 relay teams seemed like a lock to win gold. The women’s team had recently posted the best time of the year and had their eyes set on a new world record. The men’s team boasted some of the fastest 100 meter sprinters in the … Continue reading Passing the Baton

Leadership Lessons from Paul Revere

“Listen, my children, and you shall hear Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere...” Henry Wadsworth Longfellow It was 237 years ago today that Paul Revere mounted his horse and took the ride that made him famous. For years, the American colonists had been trying to shrug off the rules and heavy taxes imposed by … Continue reading Leadership Lessons from Paul Revere

A Comeback Story: How to Bounce Back From Service Defects

Last night, my alma mater, Western Kentucky University, played in the first round of the NCAA tournament. The Hilltoppers played Mississippi Valley State for the 16th seed in their bracket and a chance to face Kentucky in the second round. By all accounts, it was an ugly game. With 28 turnovers and 30% shooting, WKU … Continue reading A Comeback Story: How to Bounce Back From Service Defects

The Power of a Leader’s Influence

On April 12, 1912, The RMS Titanic, then the largest passenger steamship in the world, struck on iceberg while traveling on its maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York City. Two hours and forty minutes later, Titanic slipped beneath the waves and into history. 1,517 people lost their lives, while survivors and families struggled … Continue reading The Power of a Leader’s Influence