Change the Way You Think

As a young professional, I used to listen to motivational guru Zig Ziglar. He was a top salesman turned motivational speaker who published a number of books and other materials regarding the keys to success. During my long work commutes in Nashville, Tennessee, I would often forgo the radio in favor of an audio book … Continue reading Change the Way You Think


  This week, I'm traveling to Bryan/College Station, TX. I’m joining bankers from the area for their mid-year Sales & Service Rally, a celebration of the individual and team accomplishments attained through the first half of the year. I’m anticipating a festive atmosphere as employees from a variety of roles come together to recognize each … Continue reading Celebrate!

Stop Motivating Your Team! (Do This Instead)

Over the years, I’ve been asked a lot of questions by managers in a variety of roles across numerous organizations. By far, the most frequently asked question is “How do I motivate my team?” Some are looking to increase sales performance. Others want to improve customer service or productivity. In many cases, managers seem frustrated … Continue reading Stop Motivating Your Team! (Do This Instead)

Can You Hear Me Now?

My wife and I were reminiscing recently about the early days of our marriage. In November, we’ll have been married 24 years and we’ve both changed a lot since saying “I do.” Sure, the physical changes are the most obvious; but most significant are the changes in how we treat each other. I must admit … Continue reading Can You Hear Me Now?

Who Is the Third Man?

  For centuries, drowning sailors pulled from the sea have told stories of a mysterious companion. They speak of another sailor, unknown to them, who appeared beside them in the water. This person stayed at their side, treading water and issuing words of encouragement, until the danger had passed. But rescuers looking to bring these … Continue reading Who Is the Third Man?

Lead Like Santa Claus

I was looking through some files this weekend and came across my notes from a webinar I attended a few years ago. It was entitled "The 10 Branding Secrets of Santa Claus." According to presenter Steve Miller, these very specific and deliberate actions provide Santa Claus with "uncopyable superiority." I love that term. As I … Continue reading Lead Like Santa Claus

Fighting the Future

Tuesday was Election Day. Did you vote? All across the country, men and women took to the polls in order to make sure their voice was heard. Officials were elected or re-elected to a variety of federal, state, and local positions. Voting is considered an important right in the United States. Once a privilege available … Continue reading Fighting the Future

How to Achieve Your Goal in 30 Days

It's been a while since I started writing my weekly articles. Each week, I share a personal story or reflect on an event from history and attempt to tie it back to some aspect of sales effectiveness, customer service, or leadership. And each week I am honored to hear from people who say my message … Continue reading How to Achieve Your Goal in 30 Days