How to Keep Your Email Out of the Junk Yard

Since January 1st, I have received more than 3,400 emails that have been classified as “junk.” That means every day, my email account automatically detects and quarantines somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 undesirable messages. And that doesn’t count the SPAM that slips by the filter or is caught by my ISP before it ever … Continue reading How to Keep Your Email Out of the Junk Yard

Lead Like Santa Claus

I was looking through some files this weekend and came across my notes from a webinar I attended a few years ago. It was entitled "The 10 Branding Secrets of Santa Claus." According to presenter Steve Miller, these very specific and deliberate actions provide Santa Claus with "uncopyable superiority." I love that term. As I … Continue reading Lead Like Santa Claus

How to Make Your Campaign Go Viral

By now, you’ve seen the videos - thousands of them – of people dumping buckets of water on their heads in the name of charity. It’s the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a phenomenon that’s swept across the U.S. and U.K. within just a few weeks to become one of the biggest internet trends of the … Continue reading How to Make Your Campaign Go Viral