How Leaders Communicate, Part 5

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at four different types of leaders. Specifically, the focus has been on how leaders communicate. Each leadership style uses language to a particular end. Visionaries communicate in order to share a vision and inspire the team to reach high. Captains communicate to define goals, clarify job-roles, and provide … Continue reading How Leaders Communicate, Part 5

To Prepare for Your Next Meeting, Just Ask Questions

I’m constantly amazed at how ill-prepared people are for meetings. It doesn’t matter what the meeting is about, who’s in attendance, or what their particular role is – someone always shows up having not done their homework. In my opinion, a lack of preparation indicates a level of disrespect for the organization, the task at … Continue reading To Prepare for Your Next Meeting, Just Ask Questions

Four Conversations You Should Have With Your Boss

It goes without saying that regular communication between you and your manager is one sign of a healthy relationship. Ongoing, meaningful conversations are necessary to maintain your connection and ability to “read” each other. When you and your boss are in sync, work is smoother, more efficient, and more productive. If contact is infrequent or … Continue reading Four Conversations You Should Have With Your Boss

The Most Important Relationship of Your Career

There’s no shortage of advice for managers out there. Scores of books have been written about managing employees, leading great service, and working with outside entities. It’s easy to find articles, videos, and even live training events focused on these topics. But when it comes to working with your boss, what’s called “managing up,” there’s … Continue reading The Most Important Relationship of Your Career

When Good Leaders Do Bad Things

Addressing conflict is one of the key responsibilities of a leader. It’s not a fun job; in fact it’s often quite messy. Nevertheless, it has to be done in order for a team or organization to operate effectively. Conflict rarely resolves itself. While things may eventually seem to smooth out on the surface, there are … Continue reading When Good Leaders Do Bad Things

Question What You Know

In the course of history, a lot of very smart, successful people have made statements that, in hindsight, seem rather silly. Given their position, expertise, and experience, they felt comfortable making predictions that proved untrue. Consider these examples: "The abdomen, the chest, and the brain will forever be shut from the intrusion of the wise … Continue reading Question What You Know