How Leaders Communicate, Part 4

play-stone-1738170_640There is a leader within you. It’s not something you have to go to school for, or a degree you earn from any University. No, you were born with leadership skills. You may choose to undergo training in order to develop your leadership ability, but make no mistake – the aptitude is there. All you have to do is choose to be a leader.

Communication is the primary tool of the leader. Leaders understand that the words they speak have power. They have weight. Words carry, and create, emotion. So leaders use words to inspire people, to relay expectations, and to help others grow. They also use words to lift people up. That’s the role of a leadership style called the Cheerleader.

Cheerleaders are encouragers. They cherish relationships and are always looking to share positive outcomes.

The Cheerleader’s strength lies in boosting the energy levels of those around them. They excel at motivating the team. Their language tends to focus on:

Recognition – Cheerleaders look for the positive in other people. They try to find more good than bad.

Organization– Cheerleaders help simplify seemingly complex tasks. They focus on small, manageable steps to accomplish large goals.

Motivation – Cheerleaders have a never-say-die outlook. Even when things aren’t going so well, they encourage others to do their best.

Ultimately, success for the Cheerleader means teamwork. They’re happy when people are pulling together toward a common goal.

How Cheerleaders communicate:
* Their energy level is consistently high.
* Their enthusiasm is contagious and promotes a positive attitude in others.
* They remain positive about the future even when the going gets rough.
* They focus more on what people do right than what they do wrong.
* They create an atmosphere of cooperation vs. competition.

 Things Cheerleaders say:
“Great job!”
“Here’s what you did well.”
“This is why your contribution is so critical.”

 Questions Cheerleaders ask:
“How did you do that?”
“How can we capitalize on this?”
“What can we learn from this?”

When Cheerleaders speak, they touch our heart. They lead us to believe in ourselves and leave us motivated to achieve more. Take a moment and think about your communication style. Do you actively recognize the positive contributions of others? Do you help people find small ways to improve? Do you keep the team oriented in a forward direction, even when things aren’t going that well?

That’s how leaders communicate.

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