Not So Different After All

Last week I quietly posted a Gratitude Survey on the home page of company’s intranet. Being Thanksgiving week, I thought it might be interesting to invite people to share what they were especially appreciative of (besides some extra time off from work). As they days went by, more and more coworkers encountered the survey and … Continue reading Not So Different After All

How Should We Respond to Mistakes?

New York based Uncanny Brands produces a unique blend of pop-culture toys, artwork, and small appliances. Their Star Wars line alone is impressive, featuring items such as the Death Star Popcorn Maker, Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Mills, and the Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker. Sports fans can select from NHL and NBA themed merchandise, while KISS … Continue reading How Should We Respond to Mistakes?

Tales From the Volcano

Rising above the flat grassland plains of Northeastern New Mexico, stands Capulin Volcano. This formation is relatively young at somewhere between 58,000 and 62,000 years old. It sports a well-defined crater about 400 feet deep and an irregular rim. It’s a rare example of a nearly perfectly shaped cinder cone, rising 1,000 feet above the … Continue reading Tales From the Volcano