Tales From the Volcano

Rising above the flat grassland plains of Northeastern New Mexico, stands Capulin Volcano. This formation is relatively young at somewhere between 58,000 and 62,000 years old. It sports a well-defined crater about 400 feet deep and an irregular rim. It’s a rare example of a nearly perfectly shaped cinder cone, rising 1,000 feet above the … Continue reading Tales From the Volcano

The Secrets to Success

Back in October, Nickolas Green began uploading videos to YouTube. The 15-year-old outdoor enthusiast filmed himself hunting, trapping, and practicing all manner of outdoor skills. By January 1st, his channel had reached a grand total of 70 subscribers. To celebrate, and as a show of gratitude, Nickolas made a new video. He spent the night … Continue reading The Secrets to Success

What’s Your Reputation Worth?

Wednesday morning my daughter Abby had an appointment with the dentist. It was a quick visit, just a cleaning, and everything checked out fine. Since we finished earlier than anticipated, I thought I’d see if the orthodontist in the same building had time to check on Abby’s retainer. She’d had her wisdom teeth removed in … Continue reading What’s Your Reputation Worth?