How to Dig Yourself Out of a Hole

According to a study released last summer, eight percent of patients treated in an emergency room wind up back in the ER within three days. Within 30 days of an ER visit, a full 20% of patients will have returned. To make matters worse, nearly 30% of those revisits resulted in the patient being admitted … Continue reading How to Dig Yourself Out of a Hole

How To Recover From a Setback

Whenever superheroes and supervillains clash, there will inevitably be a high degree of collateral damage. Vehicles, buildings, even entire cities are destroyed when good and evil collide. But after the battle is over, who picks up the pieces? Who cleans up the rubble, replaces lost inventory, and compensates the victims after the dust has settled? … Continue reading How To Recover From a Setback

Are You a Former Performer?

Just about every workplace has one; that guy or gal who never delivers, but always has an excuse. It’s never their fault. There’s always some external reason that explains why the project wasn’t completed on time or the sales goal wasn’t met or customer satisfaction is down. Despite their best efforts, someone or something got … Continue reading Are You a Former Performer?

The Matrix of Change

It’s often said that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” In many ways, this appears to be the case. Change is all around us. And whether it’s technological, social, economic, political, or otherwise, the volume of speed at which change takes place is constantly on the rise. Even when it’s good … Continue reading The Matrix of Change

For Better Results, Trying Slowing Things Down

A few weeks ago, I started watching a television series called Longmire. Originally produced by A&E and picked up by Netflix last year, the show focuses on the exploits of Walt Longmire, a Wyoming sheriff. The sheriff and his deputies investigate a variety of crimes while navigating racial tensions between the locals and the inhabitants … Continue reading For Better Results, Trying Slowing Things Down

To Uncover Your Team’s Potential, Dig Deep

Growing up, I was fascinated by far-away places; still am. My parents subscribed to National Geographic magazine and I eagerly looked forward to each issue, knowing that opening the cover would reveal a variety of stories about strange cultures and new discoveries – all accompanied by the most incredible photographs. From my room in Madison, … Continue reading To Uncover Your Team’s Potential, Dig Deep

What Makes a Top Performer?

Last week, I had a conversation with a couple of people about identifying their top customers. It’s been my experience that when asked to name their best customers – that is, those who contribute the most to the business – the majority of people get it wrong. A look into actual sales data and performance … Continue reading What Makes a Top Performer?

Stop Motivating Your Team! (Do This Instead)

Over the years, I’ve been asked a lot of questions by managers in a variety of roles across numerous organizations. By far, the most frequently asked question is “How do I motivate my team?” Some are looking to increase sales performance. Others want to improve customer service or productivity. In many cases, managers seem frustrated … Continue reading Stop Motivating Your Team! (Do This Instead)

Breaking the Cycle of Unengagement

In the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, Bill Murray plays disengaged television meteorologist Phil Connors. Phil is sent to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to cover the annual groundhog ceremony whereby the famous rodent predicts the weather. Obviously frustrated by the menial assignment, Phil comes across as rude, condescending, and genuinely uninterested in both his coworkers and the townspeople … Continue reading Breaking the Cycle of Unengagement