You’ve Been Asking Yourself the Wrong Questions

John O’Leary was a typical kid growing up in St. Louis, Missouri. But his life took a dramatic turn one day in 1987 when he accidentally triggered an explosion while playing with fire. Just nine years old, burns covered his entire body. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors gave him less than a … Continue reading You’ve Been Asking Yourself the Wrong Questions

The Physics of Change

It’s called inertia. That force that keeps us from doing things differently, even though we know it’s in our best interest, is called inertia. Isaac Newton first wrote about it back in 1687. While studying the physics of motion, he discovered that “an object that is at rest will stay at rest unless a force … Continue reading The Physics of Change

The History of Cake Mix & Resistance to Change

Prior to 1930, every cake baked in the United States was made from scratch. Cooks hand-sifted their own flour, carefully measured out the ingredients, and lovingly slaved over their delicious creations. But the P. Duff & Sons company changed all of that by introducing a pre-made cake mix. Thanks to shifting consumer habits, the company … Continue reading The History of Cake Mix & Resistance to Change

The Matrix of Change

It’s often said that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” In many ways, this appears to be the case. Change is all around us. And whether it’s technological, social, economic, political, or otherwise, the volume of speed at which change takes place is constantly on the rise. Even when it’s good … Continue reading The Matrix of Change

Flip or Flop?

Richard had two bad feet, a bad back, and a dream of being a star track & field athlete. His chosen sport was the high-jump; but he struggled to clear the minimum distance - five feet- required to make the high school track team. No amount of coaching or practice seemed to help. The proven … Continue reading Flip or Flop?