Winning When You’re Not Ready

The 1912 Summer Olympics, held in Stockholm, Sweden, proved to be a busy one for American Jim Thorpe. An accomplished athlete, Thorpe was scheduled to participate in four events – the long jump, the high jump, the pentathlon, and the first-ever decathlon. Combined, he was set to compete in 17 different contests, each with potentially … Continue reading Winning When You’re Not Ready

Flip or Flop?

Richard had two bad feet, a bad back, and a dream of being a star track & field athlete. His chosen sport was the high-jump; but he struggled to clear the minimum distance - five feet- required to make the high school track team. No amount of coaching or practice seemed to help. The proven … Continue reading Flip or Flop?

Olympic-sized Inspiration

The Olympic games are always a big deal in the Voland household. We each have our favorite sports and we love learning the back stories on each of the athletes. And while we cheer heartily for the American competitors, we have such a multicultural household that it's easy to appreciate any outcome. The Olympics may … Continue reading Olympic-sized Inspiration