For a Limited Time Only

Last Saturday, my son Alex participated in a program called One Day Only. Hosted by his high school theatre department, the event challenged students to write, cast, and stage a 10 minute play within twelve hours of starting. They had to create sets, arrange costumes, and locate props – all while memorizing and rehearsing their … Continue reading For a Limited Time Only

Into the Storm: The Basics of Brainstorming

The word "brainstorm" refers to the process of generating a series of ideas intended to address a specific question. The idea of brainstorming was first introduced in 1942 by Alex Osborn in his book How to Think Up. Osborn was frustrated with the lack of innovative ideas from his team of advertisers. Since then, the … Continue reading Into the Storm: The Basics of Brainstorming

Survey Says …

This weekend I received a package from The Nielson Company. They’re the ratings company that provides TV stations, advertisers with information about consumer viewing habits. I’ve been asked to provide information about my family’s media consumption. Surveys like those conducted by Nielson are important. A well designed survey can provide a company with valuable insight … Continue reading Survey Says …

Fighting the Future

Tuesday was Election Day. Did you vote? All across the country, men and women took to the polls in order to make sure their voice was heard. Officials were elected or re-elected to a variety of federal, state, and local positions. Voting is considered an important right in the United States. Once a privilege available … Continue reading Fighting the Future

Lead Like Columbus: Make A Mistake

“In fourteen hundred ninety-two Columbus sailed the ocean blue. He had three ships and left from Spain; He sailed in sunshine, wind and rain.” In January of 1492, explorer Christopher Columbus received financing from the king and queen of Spain to explore a new route to the East Indies by sailing westward. The monarchs hoped … Continue reading Lead Like Columbus: Make A Mistake

Up, Up, and Away

Larry Walters had always wanted to fly. As a boy, he became fascinated with airplanes and dreamed of soaring among the clouds. Once he reached adulthood, he joined the Air Force – intent on becoming a pilot. However, his poor eyesight disqualified him from his dream job. He served his time and, after his discharge, … Continue reading Up, Up, and Away