Leading Questions

questions-2212771__340Leaders ask questions.

Leading managers ask questions to help them guide the team to grow.

Leading service providers ask questions to help them solve customer problems.

Leading salespeople ask questions to help them meet unspoken needs.

We should all be asking more (and better) questions, but we don’t. They may enter our mind, but we stop short of actually asking because we’re afraid – afraid that people will get upset with us for prying into places we don’t belong. We’re afraid of coming across as pushy or nosy or a busybody.

Here’s a news flash – you won’t.

As a leader, my team expects me to ask questions – how else can I lead them effectively?

As a service provider, my customer expects me to ask questions – how else can I serve them properly?

As a salesperson, my prospects expect me to ask questions – how else can I propose meaningful solutions?

Asking questions is an expected behavior. Think about the last time you went to the doctor. Did they ask you about your symptoms? Of course they did. They also asked about your exercise habits, your diet, and your family history.

Talk about being nosy. But did you take offense? No. Because you know that in order to do the best job they can for you, they have to ask questions. You’d be crazy to trust any doctor who started prescribing a course of treatment without first doing a bit of fact-finding.

Why is your business any different?

If you’re not asking questions, you’re simply not doing your job very well. Your team is heading in the wrong direction. Your customers are confused. Your sales are below goal.

Now let me suggest that you ask yourself a question or two. Are you ready for a change? Are you ready to turn things around? Are you ready to take control and make the second half of 2019 the start of a new era?

Are you ready to lead?

Let’s get curious, and in the process we’ll become better bosses, customer advocates, and even better salespeople. Let’s ask more questions and see where the answers can take us.