Happy to Work

Last week, my daughter Abby started a new internship at Covenant Hospital here in Lubbock. Over the next several months, she’ll rotate through different departments to learn about what they do and potential employment opportunities they have. There’s also a classroom training aspect where she and the other interns (all young adults with developmental disabilities) … Continue reading Happy to Work

Inner Space: What Your Desk Tells Other People About You

He called it the “writing box.” It had a surface area roughly the size of a laptop computer, but was deep enough to house a drawer for paper, pen, and ink. Designed by Thomas Jefferson while a delegate to the 1776 Continental Congress, this portable work space would serve him well. It’s where he wrote … Continue reading Inner Space: What Your Desk Tells Other People About You

Change the Way You Talk

Each year, I identify a handful of personal challenges. This is different form setting resolutions – something that millions of people do as part of their New Year’s celebration. I used to set resolutions as well, but switched to challenges for a couple of reasons. First of all, resolutions are often too vague. The most … Continue reading Change the Way You Talk

Change the Way You Think

As a young professional, I used to listen to motivational guru Zig Ziglar. He was a top salesman turned motivational speaker who published a number of books and other materials regarding the keys to success. During my long work commutes in Nashville, Tennessee, I would often forgo the radio in favor of an audio book … Continue reading Change the Way You Think

The Best Time Management Tool You’re Not Using

In 2004, researchers flying over a Scottish field made a startling discovery. The team, working for the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS), were photographing the landscape in order to update their catalog of various archeological sites. As they passed through an area known as Warren Field, they spied some … Continue reading The Best Time Management Tool You’re Not Using