Watch for Ice

The thermometer read 14 degrees when I left the house today. That’s a stark contrast to the balmy, 70 degree drive home I enjoyed on Friday afternoon. A cold front descended on West Texas this weekend. There wasn’t much precipitation; just enough to make things interesting and driving a little dangerous yesterday morning. Just enough … Continue reading Watch for Ice

How Should We Respond to Mistakes?

New York based Uncanny Brands produces a unique blend of pop-culture toys, artwork, and small appliances. Their Star Wars line alone is impressive, featuring items such as the Death Star Popcorn Maker, Lightsaber Salt & Pepper Mills, and the Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker. Sports fans can select from NHL and NBA themed merchandise, while KISS … Continue reading How Should We Respond to Mistakes?

The Fountain of Youth

On this day in 1513, Juan Ponce de Leon, an explorer from Spain, “discovered” Florida. The peninsula that makes up our southeastern-most state had been sighted before, but Ponce de Leon was the first to make landfall, arriving near the present-day city of St. Augustine. He named the new land “La Florida” since his arrival … Continue reading The Fountain of Youth

What’s Your Plan? (Part 2)

They say that the first step to success is having clearly defined goals. They should be written down and reviewed regularly. In fact, many experts speak to studies that show individuals who take the time to articulate their goals in writing have a much higher likelihood of actually achieving them. If goals are the first … Continue reading What’s Your Plan? (Part 2)