Not So Different After All

Last week I quietly posted a Gratitude Survey on the home page of company’s intranet. Being Thanksgiving week, I thought it might be interesting to invite people to share what they were especially appreciative of (besides some extra time off from work). As they days went by, more and more coworkers encountered the survey and … Continue reading Not So Different After All

Desirable DNA

Last year, scientists in Seoul, South Korea, approached Vanesa Semler of Dorado, Puerto Rico with an odd request. They wanted to know if they could clone her dog. Semler’s furry friend Milly is very small, even for a Chihuahua. In fact, “Miracle Milly” holds the distinction of being the world’s smallest dog by height. According … Continue reading Desirable DNA

Winning Is a Team Sport

Last Friday night the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers, completing a four game sweep and winning the NBA title. While most of the conversation surrounding this series focused on Lebron James and the herculean effort he put forth to give his Ohio team a fighting chance, it was the well-rounded team play of … Continue reading Winning Is a Team Sport

All That Matters

In case you haven't heard, the Philadelphia Eagles beat the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl last night. The final score was 41-33 in a game full of surprises and new football records. While many were rooting for the Eagles, the seemed stacked against them. This was only the third Super Bowl appearance … Continue reading All That Matters