Change the Way You Talk

Each year, I identify a handful of personal challenges. This is different form setting resolutions – something that millions of people do as part of their New Year’s celebration. I used to set resolutions as well, but switched to challenges for a couple of reasons. First of all, resolutions are often too vague. The most … Continue reading Change the Way You Talk

What Will You Do Differently This Year?

The New Year has arrived. Are you ready for it? Are you energized and excited? Are your goals set? I’m not talking about your business goals; things like revenue and customer growth. I’m talking about your goals – the things you want to accomplish this year. Do you have them written down? A lot of … Continue reading What Will You Do Differently This Year?

Winning When You’re Not Ready

The 1912 Summer Olympics, held in Stockholm, Sweden, proved to be a busy one for American Jim Thorpe. An accomplished athlete, Thorpe was scheduled to participate in four events – the long jump, the high jump, the pentathlon, and the first-ever decathlon. Combined, he was set to compete in 17 different contests, each with potentially … Continue reading Winning When You’re Not Ready

Are You Still Hungry?

Christmas is right around the corner. The New Year is less than two weeks away. And as you prepare to close the books on 2015, I have just one question for you… Are you still hungry? Remember the excitement you felt when you first started this job? Remember the fire that burned deep inside – … Continue reading Are You Still Hungry?

The Art of the Do-Over

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is over, attention turns to New Years. Across the globe, people are busy deciding where they will be and who they will be with as they count down the final minutes of the year and celebrate the arrival of 2015. For many, this also means making New … Continue reading The Art of the Do-Over