Are You Still Hungry?

waiting2-e1450143761943Christmas is right around the corner. The New Year is less than two weeks away. And as you prepare to close the books on 2015, I have just one question for you…

Are you still hungry?

Remember the excitement you felt when you first started this job? Remember the fire that burned deep inside – the one that made you dream big and work hard? Do you still feel the drive to do great things?

Hunger is the most basic of needs. When you are hungry, nothing matters until you sate your appetite. When you are hungry – really hungry – you think of nothing else except satisfying that need. Hunger keeps you moving. It keeps you searching. It keeps you working.

This has been a good year. It’s been a great year. If you haven’t already, you need to stop right now and make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished over the past 12 months. I am shocked at what my team and I have done in such a short amount of time. But with all we’ve done – with all you and your team have done – there’s still more to do.

Is your head still in the game?

Do you still believe there are great things to be accomplished?

Are you still convinced that you have something special to offer?

Is this the team?

Are you the one?

Are you still hungry?

Because if you are, then this is not the end of the year; it’s the beginning. It’s not the finish line; it’s the starting line. And it’s time to get moving.

Everything up to this point has been practice. Everything up to now has been conditioning. Everything up to today has been preparation for our best work. As far as I’m concerned, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

My grandmother used to cook some incredible holiday meals. She would work all day to prepare a feast fit for a king. In the days leading up to a family gathering, she would say repeatedly “I hope you’re hungry. Bring your appetite.” I always did.

I remember one year at Christmas one of my cousins arrived having already eaten elsewhere. He didn’t have much of an appetite and only nibbled here and there. The look of disappointment on my grandmother’s face was unmistakable. Here was a bounty just waiting to be enjoyed. The table was set. The smells were overwhelming. The bounty was within arm’s reach – just waiting to be tasted. But he wasn’t hungry enough to act.

The table is set.

The feast is about to begin and there’s plenty for those who want it.

Are you still hungry?

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