How Language Affects Your Performance

“Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” No doubt, you heard this phrase from your parents growing up. You may even have shared it with your own children in an attempt to sooth the pain caused by hurtful comments. It’s meant as a declaration of mental strength, a statement … Continue reading How Language Affects Your Performance

What Are You Afraid Of?

In the 1991 film Defending Your Life, Albert Brooks plays a man named Daniel Miller. Daniel dies in a car accident and finds himself in Judgement City, a way-station for the recently departed. It is here that souls are assigned a defender and, through a series of interviews, must demonstrate they have overcome the fears … Continue reading What Are You Afraid Of?

Are You a Former Performer?

Just about every workplace has one; that guy or gal who never delivers, but always has an excuse. It’s never their fault. There’s always some external reason that explains why the project wasn’t completed on time or the sales goal wasn’t met or customer satisfaction is down. Despite their best efforts, someone or something got … Continue reading Are You a Former Performer?

Are You Still Hungry?

Christmas is right around the corner. The New Year is less than two weeks away. And as you prepare to close the books on 2015, I have just one question for you… Are you still hungry? Remember the excitement you felt when you first started this job? Remember the fire that burned deep inside – … Continue reading Are You Still Hungry?

Circle Up! Lead From the Huddle

Paul looked across the line of scrimmage at the other team. He glanced at the scoreboard and then at the stands; full of friends and family, all anxiously awaiting the next play. Then he scanned the faces of his teammates. Each one stared intently at Paul, eager to receive his instructions. It was 1892 and, … Continue reading Circle Up! Lead From the Huddle