Are You Still Hungry?

Christmas is right around the corner. The New Year is less than two weeks away. And as you prepare to close the books on 2015, I have just one question for you… Are you still hungry? Remember the excitement you felt when you first started this job? Remember the fire that burned deep inside – … Continue reading Are You Still Hungry?

The Gift

Christmas is my daughter Abby’s favorite time of year. She loves the lights, the TV shows, the music, and being out of school. Most of all, though, she likes the presents. Every year she lights up as each one is placed under the tree. She looks through them, trying to guess what treasure might be … Continue reading The Gift

Lead Like Santa Claus

I was looking through some files this weekend and came across my notes from a webinar I attended a few years ago. It was entitled "The 10 Branding Secrets of Santa Claus." According to presenter Steve Miller, these very specific and deliberate actions provide Santa Claus with "uncopyable superiority." I love that term. As I … Continue reading Lead Like Santa Claus