The Week Before Christmas

Christmas‘Tis the week before Christmas
And as you can imagine,
People all over
Have the exact same reaction.

They’re frantic and stressed
For various reasons.
Too much is happening
For them to enjoy the season.

There’s lots to get done,
There’s no time to waste.
The year’s almost over,
So we must all make haste.

Presents must be bought,
wrapped, and delivered.
The list is so long
It’s like swimming upriver.

Travel plans and menus
Must all be finalized,
If the perfect Christmas
Is to actually be realized.

And then there’s the work stress
Which ramps up a few notches.
So few days on the calendar now,
So little time on our watches.

Year-end is nigh.
Goals have yet to be met.
We simply can’t afford
to relax just yet.

Projects are due
And reports must be written,
Before visions of sugarplums
Come to fruition.

But I urge you to try
As best as you can,
To not let this Christmas
Be something “less than.”

“Less than it should be,”
or “less than it could.”
Don’t allow stress to
Rob all that is good.

Make sure that you take time
To look back on your year.
Think of the good things
And those you hold dear.

Remember the triumphs,
New levels obtained;
The goals you have crushed
And the friendships you’ve gained.

Take time to refresh,
Recharge, and reflect.
Let the warmth of the season
Your spirit infect.

Because once Christmas is over
and the new year has come,
There’s no need to abandon
The cheer and the fun.

May the spirit of Christmas
Remain inside you.
Let the end of this year’s journey,
Be the start of something new.