Olympic-sized Inspiration

The Olympic games are always a big deal in the Voland household. We each have our favorite sports and we love learning the back stories on each of the athletes. And while we cheer heartily for the American competitors, we have such a multicultural household that it’s easy to appreciate any outcome.

The Olympics may be over, but the competition in London is just heating up. The 2012 Paralympics started this past week and run through Sunday the 9th. I’m always inspired by the stories of sacrifice and dedication that are so prevalent during the Olympics. But for real inspiration, nothing beats the Paralympics.

Sometimes I get to feeling sorry for myself. Things don’t go the way I planned. Someone I trust lets me down. Circumstances beyond my control set me back in ways I never anticipated.

I feel myself feeling inadequate, unprepared, even handicapped.

Then I watch some of these people in action. And I feel ashamed. Here are people who have overcome setbacks I can’t begin to imagine in order to achieve a level of excellence that’s incredible. They could sure kick my butt! How dare I allow any of my lame excuses keep me from reaching my full potential.

If you haven’t had a chance to see some of these amazing athletes in action, you are definitely missing out. Unfortunately, the Paralympic games aren’t being broadcast on TV here in the states, but you can watch events, both recorded and streamed live, on the internet.

For a little preview, and a lot of inspiration, watch this:

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