What’s Your Plan? (Part 3)

Developing a strategic plan is a significant accomplishment. Most teams never get to the point of creating a step-by-step road map for success. Those that do improve their chances of achieving their goals exponentially. But plans are meant to be executed. All of your team’s efforts in creating a great strategic plan are wasted if … Continue reading What’s Your Plan? (Part 3)

Why Leaders Address Conflict Head-On

If there’s one aspect of the job that managers do their best to avoid, its conflict. Ideally, things would always run smoothly in the workplace. Each person would do their job, goals would be aligned, and differences would magically work themselves out. Unfortunately, that’s just not the case. In fact, one study found that the … Continue reading Why Leaders Address Conflict Head-On

3 Ways to Hold Yourself More Accountable

During a recent webinar series, I likened managers who avoid accountability to the leader in Hans Christian Anderson’s tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes.” In this story, two charlatans tell the emperor that they are master clothiers. They offer to make him a beautiful suit like none he has ever seen. Furthermore, they say, the cloth … Continue reading 3 Ways to Hold Yourself More Accountable