The Power of Small Moves

  Last week I bought a pair of running shoes. It’s a small thing really. Many of you may shrug it off as insignificant. But for me it’s huge. I’ve never thought of myself as an athlete, much less a runner. I still don’t. My pursuits generally lean in a more leisurely direction. Running was … Continue reading The Power of Small Moves

Leading From the Back

This weekend I joined a group of Boy Scouts from Troop 157 for a mountain biking trip to beautiful Palo Duro Canyon. This is one of my favorite trips of the year and, thanks to all of the rain we’ve received in West Texas recently, the views were spectacular. I’ve also recently purchased a new … Continue reading Leading From the Back

The Ten Essentials (Part 2)

Last week I introduced the idea of "Ten Essentials" for surviving the business world, a modification of the Ten Essentials list used by the Boy Scouts of America and other outdoor adventure groups. As a quick review, the first five items on the list are: 1. Clearly defined goals and a strategy to meet them. 2. … Continue reading The Ten Essentials (Part 2)

The Ten Essentials (Part 1)

For the past two weeks, while you read about tightrope walkers Jean Francois Blondin and Karl Wallenda, I was backpacking around north central New Mexico with a bunch of Boy Scouts. We were at Philmont Scout Ranch, a high adventure base covering approximately 214 square miles of the Sangre de Cristo range of the Rocky … Continue reading The Ten Essentials (Part 1)

Doctor’s Orders

I recently read that 80% of U.S. adults do not meet federal recommendations for aerobic activity and muscle-strengthening exercise. In other words, they're out of shape. Sadly, I'm one of them. Now, before you get the wrong idea; I'm not a total couch potato. I spend a lot of time outdoors through my involvement with … Continue reading Doctor’s Orders

The Rewards of Service

A couple of weeks ago, the Burkhart Center for Autism Education & Research held their annual Walk for Autism Awareness. This fantastic event draws people from all over Texas to celebrate the lives of those who are touched by Autism. I was there with Boy Scout Troop 157. Since 2010, we have supported this event … Continue reading The Rewards of Service

Smooth Sailing or Time to Batten Down the Hatches?

“Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” – Publilius Syrus Every summer, I dedicate some of my vacation time to helping out our local Boy Scout troop with their Summer Camp. While I’ve taught a number of classes over the years, my favorite is always Advanced Sailing. It’s not a merit badge … Continue reading Smooth Sailing or Time to Batten Down the Hatches?