In It to Win It

The 2018 Tour de France concluded yesterday. The multi-stage race, first held in 1903, always promises tons of drama and this year’s event didn’t disappoint. From tear-gassing by police to fisticuffs between riders, there were enough headlines to interest even non-race fans. But in the midst of so much news, there’s one story you might … Continue reading In It to Win It

What’s Wrong with Your Face?

Writing about the Tour de France last week got me thinking about the history of the bicycle. Here are a few of the facts I found interesting: * Bicycles were introduced in Europe during the 19th century. * The modern bicycle design evolved from that of the dandy-horse. * The first pedaled bicycle was developed in 1839 … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Your Face?

What it Takes to Win

Henri had a problem. Sales of L’Auto, his daily newspaper devoted to sports, were slow. He’d started the paper in 1900 to compete with France’s largest sports paper, Le Vélo. But after almost three years, circulation hovered around 25,000, far lowered than desired. Henri wanted to not only compete with his rival, but dominate them. … Continue reading What it Takes to Win