Can You Hear Me Now?

My wife and I were reminiscing recently about the early days of our marriage. In November, we’ll have been married 24 years and we’ve both changed a lot since saying “I do.” Sure, the physical changes are the most obvious; but most significant are the changes in how we treat each other. I must admit … Continue reading Can You Hear Me Now?

Runnin’ With the Devil (In the Details)

In just a few weeks rock legends Van Halen kick off their North American tour. This is their first round of shows in several years and features original lead singer David Lee Roth. As you can imagine, fans of the original lineup are exited (even though bassist Michael Anthony has been replaced with Eddie Van … Continue reading Runnin’ With the Devil (In the Details)

The Price of Apathy

Every day, managers struggle with problems caused by employee turnover. Finding and keeping good people is hard. Vacant positions put a strain on the rest of the team as they work to pick up the slack. Of course the problem isn’t solved once a hire is made. Getting a new member of the team up to speed takes … Continue reading The Price of Apathy

May the Force Be With You: Lead Like a Jedi

Today is Star Wars Day; an unofficial holiday celebrated by science fiction fans across the globe. For the uninitiated, look at the calendar while you say this phrase out loud: "May the fourth be with you." Whether you like the films or not, there’s no denying the impact they have made on the world. Little … Continue reading May the Force Be With You: Lead Like a Jedi

How to Sell a $25 Doughnut

What does a doughnut cost these days? A dollar? Maybe less? Would you believe I once paid $25 for one? Now before you get the wrong idea, let me stress that there was nothing special about this doughnut. It wasn’t some gourmet creation made with organic ingredients or a super-secret recipe. No, this was just … Continue reading How to Sell a $25 Doughnut

Survey Says …

This weekend I received a package from The Nielson Company. They’re the ratings company that provides TV stations, advertisers with information about consumer viewing habits. I’ve been asked to provide information about my family’s media consumption. Surveys like those conducted by Nielson are important. A well designed survey can provide a company with valuable insight … Continue reading Survey Says …

In Appreciation of the Humble Checklist

There I was. Out of town. In a hotel. And about to step into the shower. That’s when I realized there was no soap. It was the morning of an important meeting. Having stayed up late with an upset stomach, I’d hit the snooze button one or two times too many. There was no time … Continue reading In Appreciation of the Humble Checklist

A Simple Service Delivery Model

A customer’s perception of your service can be made or broken by how you handle a single request for help. And providing superior service isn’t hard. In fact, it’s a lot easier than providing poor service. The best thing about providing excellent service is that both parties win. While the customer receives the benefit of … Continue reading A Simple Service Delivery Model

A Prescription for Dealing with Difficult Customers

I’m regularly asked to provide tips for dealing with difficult customers. You know the type – irate, demanding, and practically impossible to please. No matter how good your service is, you are guaranteed to encounter someone who just isn’t happy. Every business has them and employees dread waiting on them. So, how do you handle … Continue reading A Prescription for Dealing with Difficult Customers

The Best You Can Give: 10 Tips for Top Notch Service

Some people make customer service so hard. They devise all kinds of barriers that get in the way. Or they focus on just about everything but the customer. And day after day, service takes a back seat. But, hey - as long as customers aren't complaining, then everything must be ok. Right? Wrong. Studies show the vast … Continue reading The Best You Can Give: 10 Tips for Top Notch Service