The Best You Can Give: 10 Tips for Top Notch Service

imageSome people make customer service so hard. They devise all kinds of barriers that get in the way. Or they focus on just about everything but the customer. And day after day, service takes a back seat. But, hey – as long as customers aren’t complaining, then everything must be ok. Right?


Studies show the vast majority of customers never complain about the less-than stellar service they receive. Oh sure, if things get bad enough a manager will hear about it. But most service isn’t really bad. It’s just mediocre. And customers have become so used to it that they don’t even notice how far things have slipped until they compare your service to someone else’s.

And if your service is found to be lacking, they’re gone. Poor service remains one of the top reasons why customers choose to take their business elsewhere. You just don’t know it until it’s too late.

But there’s good news. Providing great service doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 10 easy ways to improve the level of service you provide.

1. Stand to greet the customer and introduce yourself (if appropriate).

2. Shake hands with the customer and repeat their name.

3. Let the customer do the talking. You should spend 70% of your time listening and only 30% of the time talking.

4. Speak slowly and clearly to ensure customers can understand you.

5. Make appropriate small talk to make customers feel welcome.

6. Make frequent eye contact throughout the transaction. Avoid speaking to the customer while looking at the computer screen.

7. Use the customer’s name occasionally during the transaction.

8. Keep a positive, energetic inflection in your voice.

9. Avoid placing blame for mistakes on others. Focus on solutions.

10. If possible, walk the customer to the door or back to the common area after your transaction is concluded.

Here’s a bonus tip. Thank every customer for their business.

There you have it. No silver bullet. No magic formula. Just basic customer service tips sure to add a little extra to your next customer interaction and leave your competitor wondering why their customer is now yours.

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