What They See: 5 Service Habits that Damage Your Credibility

watchingService doesn’t just happen during an interaction with the customer. In fact, by the time you find yourself talking to them, your customer may have already have formed a negative opinion about you and the level of service they’re about to receive. That’s because as soon as they see and/or hear you, their experience begins.

Here are five behaviors to avoid any time customers are in the vicinity.


1. Personal conversations with other employees (especially when expressing negativity about the organization or its customers).

2. Using the computer to play games or browse the internet.

3. Talking, texting, or browsing on a personal cell phone.

4. Eating, studying, or conducting personal business in view of the customer.

5. Performing legitimate job duties when customers are obviously waiting. Assisting customers should always come first.


And here are five behaviors to display at all times.

1. Follow your dress code in order to ensure a professional appearance.

2. Keep your work area tidy and organized.

3. Acknowledge each customer as they enter your field of vision.

4. Smile.

5. Assume customers can see or hear you at all times.


Remember, just because you can’t see the customer doesn’t mean the customer can’t see you. So put your best foot forward at all times and make a great impression before the interaction even starts.

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