When Good Leaders Do Bad Things

Addressing conflict is one of the key responsibilities of a leader. It’s not a fun job; in fact it’s often quite messy. Nevertheless, it has to be done in order for a team or organization to operate effectively. Conflict rarely resolves itself. While things may eventually seem to smooth out on the surface, there are … Continue reading When Good Leaders Do Bad Things

Communicating Effectively Is a Lot Like Washing Your Hair

By the time German inventor Hans Schwarzkopf introduced liquid shampoo to the public in 1927, people had been washing their hair with various mixtures for centuries. The earliest examples involved mixing soapberries, gooseberry, and other herbs and using the extract to lather the hair. Later, Europeans would take to boiling shaved soap in water. Herbs … Continue reading Communicating Effectively Is a Lot Like Washing Your Hair

Question What You Know

In the course of history, a lot of very smart, successful people have made statements that, in hindsight, seem rather silly. Given their position, expertise, and experience, they felt comfortable making predictions that proved untrue. Consider these examples: "The abdomen, the chest, and the brain will forever be shut from the intrusion of the wise … Continue reading Question What You Know

The Matrix of Change

It’s often said that “the more things change, the more they stay the same.” In many ways, this appears to be the case. Change is all around us. And whether it’s technological, social, economic, political, or otherwise, the volume of speed at which change takes place is constantly on the rise. Even when it’s good … Continue reading The Matrix of Change

Circle Up! Lead From the Huddle

Paul looked across the line of scrimmage at the other team. He glanced at the scoreboard and then at the stands; full of friends and family, all anxiously awaiting the next play. Then he scanned the faces of his teammates. Each one stared intently at Paul, eager to receive his instructions. It was 1892 and, … Continue reading Circle Up! Lead From the Huddle

The Act of Leadership: What Do Leaders Do?

Your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you are saying. -Ralph Waldo Emerson I've written recently about the things a leader sees and the things a leader says. But it's hard to ascertain the true measure of a person by what catches their eye. And anyone can come up with a great quote or … Continue reading The Act of Leadership: What Do Leaders Do?

What’s Wrong with Your Face?

Writing about the Tour de France last week got me thinking about the history of the bicycle. Here are a few of the facts I found interesting: * Bicycles were introduced in Europe during the 19th century. * The modern bicycle design evolved from that of the dandy-horse. * The first pedaled bicycle was developed in 1839 … Continue reading What’s Wrong with Your Face?

To Believe or Not To Believe

As a former advertiser, I love a good commercial. One of the more popular ones currently playing is from Geico. The commercial features Pinocchio as a motivational speaker. If you haven’t managed to see this one, you can catch it on YouTube. I think they got Pinocchio spot on – the look, the voice, everything. … Continue reading To Believe or Not To Believe

The Art of Simplicity

You’ve probably heard of the old adage “Keep It Simple Stupid.” Commonly known as the KISS principle, this timeless piece of advice suggests that, in most cases, the simplest solution is the best. When you think about it, this makes sense. The more complicated an idea is – the more moving parts it has – … Continue reading The Art of Simplicity