How to Keep Your Email Out of the Junk Yard

Since January 1st, I have received more than 3,400 emails that have been classified as “junk.” That means every day, my email account automatically detects and quarantines somewhere in the neighborhood of 40 undesirable messages. And that doesn’t count the SPAM that slips by the filter or is caught by my ISP before it ever … Continue reading How to Keep Your Email Out of the Junk Yard

The Ultimate Sales Model

There’s a popular story in retail circles about a man in Anchorage Alaska who visited his local Nordstrom department store to return a set of tires. After explain to the manager that he wasn’t satisfied with the purchase, he received a full refund – despite that fact that Nordstrom doesn’t sell tires. This customer had … Continue reading The Ultimate Sales Model

Selling: It’s a Matter of Trust

The concept of selling has been around a long time. Even before the first coins were minted around 600-700 BC, selling was a common practice. The bartering of goods and services in exchange for other items of value required people to convince each other that any given item was more valuable than something similar offered … Continue reading Selling: It’s a Matter of Trust

Why is “Sales” Such a Dirty Word?

Black or white. Good or evil. Republican or democrat. Positive or negative. We’ve gotten pretty good at drawing lines in the sand, haven’t we? As a society, and a species, we love to categorize and label people, things, and activities. We somehow feel more comfortable having declared our alliance with a particular side and then … Continue reading Why is “Sales” Such a Dirty Word?

How To Recover From a Setback

Whenever superheroes and supervillains clash, there will inevitably be a high degree of collateral damage. Vehicles, buildings, even entire cities are destroyed when good and evil collide. But after the battle is over, who picks up the pieces? Who cleans up the rubble, replaces lost inventory, and compensates the victims after the dust has settled? … Continue reading How To Recover From a Setback

Anticipation vs. Expectation

It was mid-October when I received the call. On the other end of the line was a manager whose tone told me he was not happy. “Something is wrong with my scorecard,” he said. “You need to get it fixed right away.” Like many organizations, our company utilized a monthly performance scorecard to track a … Continue reading Anticipation vs. Expectation

3 Steps to Take After Receiving a Referral

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. A teller with a leading community bank (a former employer of mine) had sent me an email, saying she wanted to speak with me for a few minutes. She was looking for referral advice. Naturally, I expected her to ask for tips on making referrals. Perhaps she wanted … Continue reading 3 Steps to Take After Receiving a Referral

10 Tips for Better Referrals

re-fer-ral (noun) an act of referring someone or something for consultation, review, or further action. Growing a business is hard. Unless what you have to offer is cutting-edge, standing out from the crowd can be a grind. And let’s face it, most of us aren’t selling something truly innovative. We sell commodities, a product or … Continue reading 10 Tips for Better Referrals

Searching for Clues: Hone Your Powers of Observation

He can tell where you are from just looking at your shoes. He can guess your occupation after a brief examination of your hands. He can determine your next steps based solely on clues you’ve already left behind. I’m talking, of course, about Sherlock Holmes. The world’s greatest detective has been solving mysteries since his … Continue reading Searching for Clues: Hone Your Powers of Observation