How Leaders Communicate, Part 5

Over the past few weeks, we’ve looked at four different types of leaders. Specifically, the focus has been on how leaders communicate. Each leadership style uses language to a particular end. Visionaries communicate in order to share a vision and inspire the team to reach high. Captains communicate to define goals, clarify job-roles, and provide … Continue reading How Leaders Communicate, Part 5

This is What Active Listening Looks Like

When people talk about listening skills, they typically use the phrase “active listening.” But what is active listening anyway? It makes sense that listening is different from hearing. Hearing is a passive endeavor – sound hits you and you hear it. Listening does require some effort; but isn’t it as simple as paying attention to … Continue reading This is What Active Listening Looks Like

The Perils of Poor Listening

It’s been said that listening is the most important communication skill. The ability to speak effectively and deliver a clear message is obviously important, but if no one is listening then the act is meaningless. Listening is the one aspect of communication that best demonstrates trust, understanding, and respect. The impact of poor listening skills … Continue reading The Perils of Poor Listening