Full Superman

superhero-2503808_640In case you missed it, a guy named Infinite Tucker recently won a race by literally flying across the finish line. It was May 11th and the finals of the 400-meter hurdles event at the 2019 SEC Track & Field Championships. Infinite (that’s his real name) and his Texas A&M teammate Robert Grant were neck and neck coming to the finish. The junior launched himself into the air, going “full Superman,” and dove across the finish line. He crashed to the ground, just beating his friend and winning the gold medal.

Head coach Pat Henry later joked that diving wasn’t necessary. “Just run through and you’ll be fine,” he said. However, you have to admire Tucker’s determination to win. He wasn’t going to let anything or anyone come between him and the big prize. Going airborne during a track and field meet is not something you see every day; but it definitely illustrates the winning spirit.

Most runners start off strong and fade throughout the course of the race. They may get out of the gate quickly and put some distance between themselves and the rest of the pack; but they soon run out of gas. They haven’t paced themselves and drop quickly to the back of the group. Their participation becomes little more than a footnote.

Others look strong, but crash spectacularly. They trip over a hurdle, another runner, or even their own feet. They’ve lost focus and veered off track somehow. Sprawled on the ground, all they can do is watch as someone else claims the victory that was to have been theirs.

It’s a rare competitor who has what it takes to finish the race strong. A good start, a steady pace, unbroken focus, and a little kick right at the end – these are what it takes to cross the finish line a winner. That’s what it takes to be a champion, regardless of your chosen competition.

We’re just a few days away from the end of the week. Friday marks the end of yet another month. Are you still running? Have you kept the pace so that you are in contention for the prize? Is the goal in sight? Do you have a little bit left to give?

Come on Superman, let’s see what you’ve got.