10 Actions That Will Improve the Customer Experience Immediately


We often focus on big moves – sweeping initiatives that result in massive change to how we approach our jobs. That’s certainly the case with most customer service oriented programs. There’s a big meeting with a big announcement followed by a big push to do things differently. The hope is that these big moves will result in equally big responses from the customer – that they’ll reward our big efforts with higher satisfaction scores and more business.

These often fall flat though, because a customer’s perception of service has little to do with the big things. Our perception of an organization’s service actually depends on the little things. It’s how we are treated during a particular transaction that counts. Service isn’t a program, it’s an action; or more accurately, a series of little actions that communicate how we really feel about the customer. To make a big impact on the customer’s perception then, we don’t need a big, innovative approach. We just need to generate a series of little “Wow” moments that add up to something big.

Here then, are 10 things you can RIGHT NOW to immediately impact your customer’s perception of your service.

1. Open the door for customers as they enter and/or leave.

2. Verbally thank each customer for their business.

3. Send a birthday card signed by the staff.

4. Send an anniversary card signed by the staff.

5. Write a short note of thanks on each receipt.

6. Compliment the customer on something – their tie, a new car, cute grandchild, etc.

7. Point out a hidden/little known feature of a product the customer utilizes.

8. Ask them to give feedback about some aspect of their relationship with you –  a product, the website, your lobby, etc.

9. Introduce the customer to another member of the staff.

10. Print out an article or tip sheet that customers might find interesting or helpful and hand them out.

I came up with this list in about 60 seconds. One or more of these are likely already part of your service strategy. There’s really no magic to this particular collection of ideas. In and of themselves, they aren’t that big of a deal. But any one of them could be a huge deal to any particular customer. They send the message that we care about them, not just the business they bring to us. And, over time, these little things add up. Customers start to notice that you’re doing something the competition isn’t.

The question I pose to you is this… What’s on your list? How many of these little moves are you engaged in? What’s other things – little things – have you noticed make a big impression on your customers?

Send me your list and I’ll compile all the ideas I receive and share in a future email.

Let’s start an avalanche of little things that make a big difference.

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