What Are You Waiting For?

words-679914_640“A year from now, you will wish you had started today.”  Karen Lamb

I’ve probably shared this quote before. It’s been my favorite for a long time now, as it never fails to provide me with the motivation to break out of a rut, start a project I’ve been putting off, or rededicate myself to a previously identified goal. Like most people, the current state of affairs in our country has a tendency to drain my mental and emotional energy, so having a quote like this as a rallying cry reminds me that while I can’t always control my circumstances, I can always control how I act in light of them.

A lot of people still seem to have their finger on the pause button right now. They’re living a life of hesitation – waiting for circumstances to change so that they can resume (or begin) a “normal” relationship with the world around them. The thing is, there will always be a reason to hesitate.

The political climate isn’t right.

The market doesn’t seem ready.

The staff don’t possess the skills.

The technology can’t support it.

There will always be barriers to success. There will always be a reason why we should wait. But rather than adopting a position of hesitation, maybe we should choose one of anticipation. Instead of resigning ourselves to the fact that things might not be going our way, what if we chose to prepare ourselves to take advantage of favorable circumstances when they do appear. Where hesitation is a cessation of activity in reaction to current circumstances, anticipation is a proactive set of activities that continues to move things forward.

Instead of hesitating, learn a new skill.

Instead of hesitating, coach the team.

Instead of hesitating, create something new.

Instead of hesitating, find a way to circumvent the barrier or use it to your advantage.

Where others see roadblocks, leaders see opportunities. While others wait for the environment to change, leaders adapt and overcome. When others decide to step back, leaders step up.

So many things are uncertain right now, and there’s really no way of predicting when the uncertainty will end. The only thing can control is how we act. So, stop hesitating and start anticipating. After all, a year from now, you will wish you had started today.