Big Plans

new-years-eve-1953253_640Do you have big plans to ring in the New Year? Maybe a party to attend, with friends and a band and confetti at midnight? Maybe you prefer something quieter – staying home with family to watch the ball drop on television. Or perhaps you plan to be in bed long before the celebration begins, sleeping your way into 2020. All seem like perfectly acceptable options to me.

I’m more interested in what your plans are starting January first. Once the party’s over, will it be just another slog through the next 365 days, or will there be something different about it? What will be new about this new year? Here are a few ideas for you to consider.

Collaborate with NEW people.
Listen to NEW ideas.
Try a NEW perspective.
Develop a NEW relationship.
Strengthen an old one in NEW ways.

Set a NEW goal.
Learn a NEW skill.
Accept a NEW challenge.
Stretch yourself in a NEW direction.
Reach a NEW level of performance.

Adopt a NEW attitude toward the task in front of you.
Approach your work as if you were NEW to the job.
Greet your customers with a NEW spirit of service.
Treat your coworkers to a NEW level of teamwork.
Go about each NEW day with intention.

Why does the party have to stop when the sun comes up Wednesday morning? It should really just be getting started. Let’s approach 2020 as the year of NEW, and keep the celebration going all year long.

Happy New Year!