I Am a Top Performer!

boy-3213773_640I am dependable.
I can be counted on to do what I say I will do when I say I will do it. I don’t make promises I can’t or don’t intend to keep.

I am positive.
I look for opportunities, not problems. I think in terms of what we can do vs. what can’t be done. I view the glass as half-full.

I am relatable.
I treat customers and coworkers with kindness and respect. I smile, greet others and take an interest in them.

I am proactive.
I don’t wait to be told what to do. I know what needs to be done to move the team forward and I do it.

I am flexible.
I accept new responsibilities and changes to existing ones. I can adjust my schedule to accommodate unexpected events.

I am coachable.
I accept criticism and instruction well. I invite feedback that helps me shore up my weaknesses and improve on my strengths.

I am creative.
I look for ways to improve my job and organization. I know that “because we’ve always done it that way” is a poor excuse.

I am a communicator.
I share information freely. I take care to express myself well, both verbally and in writing, and listen to what others have to say.

I am a problem-solver.
I look for ways to say “yes” and to move forward. Obstacles are problems to be solved, not excuses to give up.

I am growing.
I seek out ways to improve myself so that I constantly add value to the team. I enjoy learning new things and gaining new skills.

I am a top performer!