Voicemail Rescripting

Here’s the script from a voicemail I recently received from someone selling their company’s customer feedback product. She spoke very clearly and came across as very polished. As you read this, pretend you’re making this call.

“Hey Scott, [insert your name here] from [insert your company’s name here]. Sorry I missed you today. Wanted to touch base and see if we had some time to, uh, to catch up about customer experience initiatives there at [insert your prospect’s company name here]. If you have a moment, would love to chat. [insert your phone number here]. Thanks Scott.”

I didn’t call her back because there’s no value inherent in returning her call. All she has to offer is an opportunity to “chat.” I don’t have time to chat. If I did, I’d do it with a friend or family member.

Let’s take this sales rep through the 4 step process to creating a value-filled voicemail.

1. Know who you’re calling. If she’d done her homework, simply by visiting my organization’s website, this rep could have found out quite a bit of information. She would have found out that our company is very focused on customer service. We currently collect cusomer feedback via a survey right there on our website. In fact, she could have taken the survey and found out exactly what types of information we’re collecting.

2. Know why you’re calling. This caller obviously wants to sell a new contract. She could have reframed that by identifying a need clearly expressed through the fact that my company has a customer survey and the specific questions asked in that survey. I did a little research of my own and found that her company specializes in designing customer surveys.

3. Know your desired outcome. This one is easy – she wants to discuss how her company can help mine improve the customer experience.

4. Craft your message. Here’s one way I would rewrite this voicemail message.

“Hi Scott. This is [rep’s name] from [rep’s company]. We specialize in helping companies like [my company] gather feedback that helps them understand how customers think and what they want. I visited your website and took a look at your existing survey. I’d like to share – with no obligation on your part – three questions that have been proven to identify potential upsell opportunities. Here’s my number …”

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