What’s Your Plan? (Part 3)

Developing a strategic plan is a significant accomplishment. Most teams never get to the point of creating a step-by-step road map for success. Those that do improve their chances of achieving their goals exponentially. But plans are meant to be executed. All of your team’s efforts in creating a great strategic plan are wasted if … Continue reading What’s Your Plan? (Part 3)

What’s Your Plan? (Part 2)

They say that the first step to success is having clearly defined goals. They should be written down and reviewed regularly. In fact, many experts speak to studies that show individuals who take the time to articulate their goals in writing have a much higher likelihood of actually achieving them. If goals are the first … Continue reading What’s Your Plan? (Part 2)

Flying to the Front

The two pilots worked quickly, but quietly, each lost in their own thoughts. Colonel Marc Sasseville and Lieutenant Heather Penney stepped into their flight suits and moved systematically through their pre-flight preparations. It was Sasseville who finally broke the silence. “I’m going to go for the cockpit,” he said. “I’ll take the tail,” was Penney’s … Continue reading Flying to the Front