At the beginning of this school year, my daughter and I adopted the practice of picking up a doughnut on Friday mornings. It’s a way for us to celebrate her senior year of high school and makes our morning commute discussions just a little more lively. However, I’ve come to look forward to these Friday … Continue reading Connected


I’m currently binge-watching season five of Alone. This History Channel program follows 10 survival experts as they each survive alone (that’s where the name comes from) in the wilderness. Separated from each other by several miles and with no contact with the outside world, they are left to carve out an existence using limited resources, … Continue reading Alone

Nothing But Net

Sports have always provided excellent metaphors for success, and at this time of year college basketball takes center stage. Here in Lubbock, we’re celebrating the new NCAA Division II Women’s National Champions (Lubbock Christian University’s Lady Chaparrals), and the first trip ever to the Division I Final Four for the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Obviously, … Continue reading Nothing But Net