Scott has over 20 years of experience in sales and service leadership. His career spans a variety of industries including retail, telecommunications, local government, and banking. He has served in senior leadership positions that allowed him to directly impact the cultural landscape and strategic direction of both large and small organizations. As a result, he has developed the ability to develop solutions that achieve financial goals while increasing employee engagement and enhancing the customer experience.

Scott has a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and a Master’s in Organizational Communication. His research into the dynamics behind consumer behavior and the concepts of effective team leadership led him to develop an approach to management that maximizes operational efficiency while providing meaningful rewards for both customers and employees.

Scott’s career began as a sales representative in the cable television industry where he quickly established himself as a sales leader and an advocate for both customers and employees. He was quickly promoted and began implementing strategies to improve the performance of his team, arming them with the tools and resources necessary to create “win-win” scenarios for the organization and its customers.

Scott has been speaking for over 20 years; conducting keynotes, seminars, and workshops for clients in a variety of industries. His dynamic presentations are both entertaining and educational, providing audiences with practical steps for improving their leadership skills, building stronger teams, and creating engaging organizational cultures.

Originally from the Nashville, Tennessee area, Scott now lives in Lubbock, Texas with Susan, his wife of 24 years, and their children Andrew, Alex and Abby. In his free time, Scott enjoys woodworking, hiking, and camping.